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Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions encourage participants to both learn from their peers and share with others their organization's experiences.  Formats include panel discussions, single presenters, and workshops. 

Breakout session topics and titles include:

  • Best Practices in Multi-Format Classrooms (OLLI at University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

  • Building Connections through Collaboration (OLLI at University of Richmond) 

  • Cultivating Greater Community and Belonging for Lifelong Learners (Virginia Commonwealth University and NearPeer)

  • Constantly Moving Forward with Student Participation and Growth (Master the Possibilities Lifelong Learning)

  • Data Driven Decisions: A Human Approach (OLLI at University of Connecticut)

  • Engaging Volunteers Post-Pandemic (Keynote Follow Up)​​

  • From Classroom to "Zoom" Room: the Development of the Hybrid Model (Veritas Society at Bellarmine University) 

  • History Topics as Community Bridge-Builders (Clemson University Faculty)

  • Hybrid Course Instruction (OLLI at University of North Carolina - Asheville)

  • Marketing Strategies, Continued (Keynote Follow Up)

  • Partnerships and Collaborations that Focus on Community Building and Marketing (OLLI at George Mason)

  • The Pillars of LLI Sustainability (Osher National Resource Center)

  • Using Volunteer Opportunities to Engage and Grow Membership (Clemson University Faculty)

  • What is a Good Membership Retention Rate, Really?  (OLLI at University of Georgia)

New this year, one set of breakout sessions will be facilitated idea showcases - think of a poetry slam!  Nine participants in each session have the opportunity to illustrate a success story.  With five minutes each, the nine individuals will describe a program, activity, strategy, or serendipitous event that improved their LLI.  Those in attendance will take away nine suggestions, so with four showcases planned - that's 36 new ideas!

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